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Enhanced Performance with Full CMS Functionality

STATIK CMS is our proprietary system designed to optimize the performance of WordPress sites. Traditional WordPress sites can be slower to load, impacting user experience and search rankings. STATIK CMS transforms your WordPress build into a fast-loading static HTML site, while still maintaining the full CMS functionality for seamless content edits and updates.

By converting dynamic content into static HTML, STATIK CMS ensures quicker load times, improved security, and enhanced scalability. This innovative solution combines the best of both worlds: the ease of WordPress management and the speed of static websites.

Our STATIK CMS sites are 85% faster than traditional installations, significantly improving user experience and search engine rankings. With over 200 sites successfully using STATIK CMS for more than four months, we have proven the effectiveness of this solution.

All of our sites include STATIK CMS by default, ensuring optimal performance for every client.

Experience the benefits of STATIK CMS and take your website’s performance to the next level. With STATIK CMS, you get:


  • Faster load times for better user experience
  • Improved security with reduced vulnerability
  • Enhanced scalability for growing businesses
  • Full CMS functionality for easy content management
  • Higher Google rankings with faster loading sites