Our Successful Case Studies

Highlighting Our Impact Across Industries

Explore our curated collection of case studies demonstrating our strategic approach in enhancing our clients’ success. Each story encapsulates our expertise in navigating complex challenges and delivering tangible results across various industries. Dive into detailed accounts of how we partner with businesses to drive growth, innovation, and operational excellence.

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Optimized the Outdoor Catalog’s online visibility through multi-channel marketing campaigns, focusing on segmentation and personalized marketing to increase conversion rates. We handled the photography and editing of all images, designed the landing pages, created engaging ads and ad copy, and produced a print catalog to complement the digital efforts.

Result: 180% increase in conversions compared to the previous year.

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pier 1 case study

Pier 1 Imports

Developed a refined PPC campaign specifically for the Spring Catalog, focusing on high-intent keywords and retargeting strategies to engage returning visitors. Adjusted bids and campaign settings continuously to maximize ROI.

Result: Achieved a 980% ROI on PPC conversions, significantly increasing both reach and conversions.

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Elevated Land Management

Overhauled their digital presence with a newly designed website that focuses on user engagement and streamlined navigation. Implemented aggressive SEO tactics, including keyword optimization and local SEO, to increase visibility. Launched a targeted content marketing strategy that included blogs, whitepapers, and detailed case studies to build authority and drive inbound leads. Additionally, created comprehensive proposals and contracts, and developed employment strategies to support business growth.

Result: Generated $170,000 in revenue in the first 60 days, quadrupling by year-end.

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Developed a comprehensive business model for Autographix, including building a new website optimized for SEO. Executed a targeted local search strategy that rapidly achieved a #1 ranking on Google for 20 top-performing keywords in under 15 days.

Result: #1 in local search results, quickly establishing a strong online presence and visibility.

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Gregory’s Restaurant

Revitalized the brand through social media marketing and local SEO, alongside promotional events that highlighted the restaurant’s history and menu innovations. Enhanced online reservation system to improve customer service.

Result: Doubled its revenue within 90 days.

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Developed and launched a new website for Calltastic, coupled with an aggressive SEO strategy to enhance their visibility in the BPO industry. Assisted in orchestrating a robust social media campaign aimed at increasing brand recognition and revenue. Focused on both local and nationwide SEO to establish a strong presence in the BPO space.

Result: Achieved a 760% increase in SEO ranking and a over 400% increase in traffic, significantly boosting revenue and market presence.

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1st Source Electric

Implemented an aggressive local SEO strategy focused on Google Business optimization to enhance visibility in local search results. Enhanced online presence through customer reviews and local keyword optimization to capture regional demand.

Developed a targeted lead generation campaign, leveraging social media and pay-per-click advertising to attract and retain a consistent client base.

Result: Achieved prominent Google Business ranking in local searches, significantly increasing leads and boosting revenue.

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Southside Pizza

Launched an integrated marketing campaign that included viral social media content, community engagement initiatives, and revamped online ordering systems to boost both engagement and sales. Built a new menu and established a food cost analysis and pricing model. Implemented a rewards system and SMS marketing to enhance customer loyalty and repeat business.

Result: Saw a 3000% increase in social media engagement and a 240% rise in revenue within 90 days.

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Newton’s Welding

Developed a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategy focusing on local search dominance within a 60-mile radius. Leveraged geo-targeted keywords and optimized online profiles for increased visibility.

Introduced a robust lead generation strategy designed to cultivate recurring revenue from new and existing customers.

Result: Climbed from unranked to #1 ranking within 30 days, boosting revenue by over 300%.

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Carolina Auto Finance

Implemented advanced SEO strategies focusing on local search terms and user experience improvements on their website to enhance visibility and click-through rates. Rebuilt the website to integrate with their dealer management system, optimizing for local SEO and enhancing functionality.

Result: Improved average rank on Google from 7th to 2nd in 60 days.

KLEAR Website pc and phone

Klear Detailing

Executed a comprehensive nationwide launch plan that included digital advertising, social media campaigns, and partnerships with key influencers in the automotive detailing industry. Focused on mobile-first strategies to capture a broad audience.

Result: Successfully generated $1.5 million in the first 30 days and led to a successful exit.

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ATS Transmissions

Employed a targeted SEO campaign aimed at increasing rankings for the top 10 industry-specific keywords. Enhanced website content and used strategic link-building to improve search engine credibility.

Result: Moved from unranked to top 3 for top 10 keywords in 45 days.