FOCUS AI Assistant Cost Calculator

How Much Will an AI Assistant Cost Your Business?

Total Calls Per Day:

How many calls do you get per day about your business?

Missed Calls:

How many of those calls do you miss for any reason, such as after hours or being too busy?

Customer Value ($):

What is your average new customer worth?

Average Close Rate (%):

On average, how many calls do you convert into customers?

Call Handling Preference:

Do you want AI to handle all your calls or just your missed calls?

Explanation of Calculations

We calculate the estimated AI cost and reclaimed revenue based on your inputs by making a few assumptions. We assume there are 20 working days in a month. The total monthly calls handled is calculated by multiplying your daily calls by the number of working days. The monthly AI cost is then determined by multiplying the total call minutes by the cost per minute. Additionally, we estimate reclaimed revenue by multiplying the number of missed calls by the average customer value and the number of working days, reflecting the potential revenue from converting missed calls into new customers.

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