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We’re committed to propelling your business to the forefront of your industry. We blend innovative digital technologies with proven traditional tactics to tailor solutions that catapult your growth. Our focus is clear: to transform your operations and marketing strategies for standout success. By partnering with us, you’ll gain a strategic advantage in your market, ensuring long-term growth and superior results. Let’s work together to write your business’s success story.

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We’ve developed tailored, data-driven strategies that enhance performance and revitalize businesses across various sizes and sectors, including:

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Strategic Business Development

We FOCUS on enhancing your business model and strategic market positioning. Our approach includes conducting detailed market analyses, formulating effective pricing strategies, and refining business plans to strengthen your competitive advantage. We provide customized strategies that are designed to improve your market standing and drive significant growth, positioning your business as a leader in its sector.

Digital and Traditional Marketing

We integrate modern digital marketing techniques with effective traditional approaches to create a dynamic promotional mix. From SEO and social media strategies to direct mail campaigns and print media, our comprehensive services are designed to maximize your visibility and engagement. We tailor each campaign to your specific needs, ensuring that your brand not only connects with your target audience but also stands out in a competitive marketplace.

Operational Improvement and Support

We FOCUS on streamlining your daily operations and enhancing your customer interactions. Our services range from developing tailored CRM systems that fit your specific needs to improving customer support strategies. We also provide comprehensive training materials designed to boost staff performance and customer satisfaction. By optimizing these key areas, we help you maintain a smooth operation that fosters positive customer relationships and efficient business processes.

Client Results

Revamped Elevated Land Management Solutions’ website for better engagement and navigation. Applied aggressive SEO for higher visibility. Launched content marketing with blogs, whitepapers, and case studies. Created proposals, contracts, and employment strategies to support growth.


$170,000 in Revenue in the first 30 days

400% increase in revenue in the first year

Lowe's Case Study Image

Client Results

Optimized Lowe’s Outdoor Catalog’s online visibility through multi-channel marketing campaigns, focusing on segmentation and personalized marketing to increase conversion rates. We handled the photography and editing of all images, designed the landing pages, created engaging ads and ad copy, and produced a print catalog to complement the digital efforts.


Result: 180% increase in conversions compared to the previous year.

Pier 1 Imports Case Study Image

Client Results

Developed a refined PPC campaign for Pier 1 Imports specifically for the Spring Catalog, focusing on high-intent keywords and retargeting strategies to engage returning visitors. Adjusted bids and campaign settings continuously to maximize ROI.


Result: Achieved a 980% ROI on PPC conversions, significantly increasing both reach and conversions.

Calltastic Case Study Image

Client Results

Developed and launched a new website for Calltastic, coupled with an aggressive SEO strategy to enhance their visibility in the BPO industry. Assisted in orchestrating a robust social media campaign aimed at increasing brand recognition and revenue. Focused on both local and nationwide SEO to establish a strong presence in the BPO space.


Result: Achieved a 760% increase in SEO ranking and over 400% increase in traffic, significantly boosting revenue and market presence.

Problems We Solve

“I Need More Website Traffic”

Boosting website traffic is not just about numbers; it’s about drawing the right audience to suitable content at the optimal time—transforming visits into sales. Our comprehensive SEO strategies provide the tools and insights you need, tailored to your niche, to attract more qualified traffic.


  • Achieve top rankings for key search terms.
  • Address technical issues to establish a robust, authoritative website.
  • Boost qualified traffic and increase customer conversions.

“My Ads Aren’t Working”

Beyond mere impressions, successful advertising is about creating impactful connections with your audience and prompting them to take action. Our experienced advertising team, which manages platforms including search, social, YouTube, and programmatic, is dedicated to increasing your visibility, connecting with your ideal customers, and exceeding industry benchmarks.


  • Capture intent-driven traffic for higher engagement.
  • Craft targeted, impactful advertising campaigns.
  • Optimize your advertising spend for maximum efficiency.

“I Need More Leads from My Website”

Many businesses view their website merely as a digital brochure, yet it holds the potential to be a dynamic lead-generation tool. By implementing effective strategies, tactics, and funnels, you can transform your website into your top sales performer, enhancing both traffic and conversion rates.


  • Fine-tune your site to maximize lead generation.
  • Draw in your ideal customers.

“My Brand Doesn’t Stand Out”

In today’s competitive landscape, simply having a superior product isn’t enough. Your brand needs to connect with your audience and stand out from the competition to achieve long-term success. Our branding services are crafted to build strong brand identities and enhance brand awareness, driving significant sales growth without the need for a massive budget.


  • Create an unforgettable brand that resonates deeply with customers and stays top of mind.
  • Elevate your brand awareness to amplify your presence and outshine competitors with strategic marketing efforts.
  • Increase sales with strategic positioning and messaging that attracts and converts your ideal customers.

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Client Reviews

“I just wanted to personally thank you so much for all of your support. Too few good humans out there. To put things in perspective, in nearly 4 years and $30,000 or more spent on websites and AdWords, no company has ever delivered a single viable lead, until now. Today less than a week after you launched the new website we got our first customer from the website”


Leo Lopez

Calltastic CEO

FDM has been great to work with in building my website and creating the online presence of my business. Average monthly bookings have doubled since the website went live enabling the business to make steady growth month after month. The whole process has been very educational for me and beneficial to me and my welding business

egan newton

Egan Newton

Newton’s Mobile Welding

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