Ecommerce websites are created with the goal of converting site visitors into customers. Shopify is a popular platform used for ecommerce sites, but its affordability comes at the cost of limited functionality. To achieve desired features, additional plugins and add-ons must be used, which can slow down website performance and negatively impact the website’s ranking on Google. This is particularly problematic for brick and mortar retail stores, as website speed is a crucial factor in determining the ranking.

Furthermore, local search engine optimization (SEO) can suffer on these all-in-one ecommerce platforms, reducing the ability of people in the local area to find the business through local Google searches, which account for over 52% of all search traffic. This can lead to missed opportunities for attracting customers.

However, our dual website strategy offers a solution to these challenges. Our data-driven approach involves utilizing our FOCUS Engine Ai to create a customized strategy for each business. This involves creating a second separate website, so you would have and We may modernize the existing ecommerce website’s visuals a bit, but these changes can be done while the site is live to avoid any loss of revenue. The new website is integrated with the existing ecommerce site to provide a seamless user experience and links to the ecommerce site.

The new website is designed to improve local SEO and increase visibility on Google local searches and map searches. This leads to an increase in calls, foot traffic, and in-store revenue, and positively impacts the business’ online presence. The increased traffic also benefits the ecommerce site, as customers may choose to make online purchases. The improved domain authority ranking results in an overall improvement in website ranking on Google.

In conclusion, our dual website strategy offers a unique and effective solution to the limitations and challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retail stores’ ecommerce websites. Utilizing our FOCUS Engine Ai and our extensive experience, businesses can achieve the best possible online presence and local SEO performance, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Our approach may be unconventional, but it has a proven track record of delivering results for many years.