Local Small Town Grading Company

$170,000 First 30 Days


    • Redesign and develop website for a local grading company that offers grading and excavation services within a 60-mile radius
    • Optimize the site for search engine ranking in cities within the 60-mile radius
    • Ensure the website design is responsive, as most searches are conducted on mobile devices
    • Optimize the landing page for converting visitors into leads
    • Comply with Google algorithmic requirements and use proper coding techniques, image and video formatting, and content delivery network to achieve optimal page load speed
    • Improve brand equity and online presence through storytelling and visitor-focused content
    • Streamline site architecture and navigation for a user-friendly browsing experience
    • Develop a search-engine optimized blog to enhance brand storytelling, engagement, and SEO
    • Strengthen SEO foundations to drive traffic from search engines and support future growth
    • Implement a fully responsive solution powered by the WordPress CMS
    • Create digital content for social media to increase the social media audience and generate leads from local Facebook interactions.


Launch Date: Dec 6, 2022

Total Cost Website Cost: $3,400
Total Spent on Pay Per Click – $0
Total Spent On Monthly SEO – $2,000

30  Days Before the Site Rebuild

Website Organic Ranking – Greater than 60
Website Traffic – 17
Leads From Website – 0

30  Days After the Site Rebuild

Website Organic Ranking – 1st Position
Website Traffic – 270
Leads From Website – 22


2 Projects Totalling $170,000 in the First 30 Days


Designing the framework for this website was simple, as we have extensive experience in creating websites for businesses that operate within a specific region. Our approach involves creating separate pages for each city, optimizing them with city-specific keywords, and developing a customer journey that encourages interaction with call-to-actions. Post-launch, over the next months we validate our decisions using our FOCUS Engine AI, which tracks site traffic and generates heatmaps and engagement videos to understand user behavior. In the development phase, we make informed guesses about what will work best, but it is the integration of technology to confirm these decisions that allow us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

FOCUS Website Prototyping Phase


Designing the visual identity for Elevated Land Management Solutions was a critical step in creating a unique and memorable brand experience. While the company had already established its logo, there was still much work to be done to create a consistent style across the website, digital content, and printable materials. Our team started by following the existing color scheme and incorporating a professional, construction-inspired aesthetic. The end result was a cohesive and eye-catching design that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Customers responded positively to the new look, reinforcing the importance of design in establishing individuality and building a strong brand. By taking the time to carefully craft a visual identity that accurately represents the company, Elevated Land Management Solutions has set itself apart from competitors and created a memorable online presence.

ELMS Flyer land clearing


The website for Elevated Land Management Solutions was successfully launched on December 6th without any technical issues. Given the disappointing performance of their previous website, which failed to rank for any keywords over a six-month period, the owners may have had doubts about the efficacy of the new site. However, as promised, our team delivered remarkable results. Over the 10 days following the launch, the company’s local SEO improved dramatically, reaching top three positions for nine targeted keywords in four different cities. This led to a significant increase in inbound leads, which has resulted in the need to secure a physical office and hire additional staff to manage the increased workload. I am proud to have been a part of this success story and am grateful for the trust that Elevated Land Management Solutions placed in us.

elms website shot