Diesel Ecommerce

1490% ROI on PPC


    • Design and develop an intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce website for diesel products.
    • Optimize the website for nationwide SEO to enhance its visibility on major search engines.
    • Ensure that the website design is fully responsive to accommodate the majority of users accessing the website from mobile devices.
    • Optimize each product landing page to handle high volumes of traffic generated by Google Shopping Ads.
    • Create a focused and effective Google Shopping campaign that targets a specific niche of diesel performance enthusiasts.
    • Adhere to Google’s algorithmic requirements by utilizing proper coding techniques, image and video formatting, and content delivery network to optimize page load speed.
    • Enhance brand equity and online reach through engaging, branded storytelling and visitor-focused content.
    • Improve site architecture and navigation to provide a seamless and intuitive browsing experience for users.
    • Develop a search-friendly blog to effectively boost brand storytelling, engagement, and SEO.
    • Strengthen the site’s SEO foundations to drive consistent search engine traffic and support future growth.
    • Adopt a fully responsive and compatible solution, such as Shopify, to ensure optimal performance across all devices.
    • Curate and implement the appropriate plugins within Shopify to streamline the order-handling process for the warehouse.


Launch Date: Feb 2016

Total Cost Website Cost: $9,800
Total Spent on Pay Per Click – $9,000
Total Sales From PPC Conversions – $134,100
6 Month Revenue Total From PPC – $1.25 Million


1,490% ROI on PPC

google shopping 2000x1000

What Is Google Shopping, and How Does it Work?

Simply put, it’s a platform that allows consumers to view paid ads featuring your products on the Google Search platform. These ads include a product photo, cost, and customer reviews, which are more likely READ MORE…


Creating the framework for this website was a straightforward process, thanks to our two decades of experience in designing and developing e-commerce websites. The niche nature of the products, diesel truck performance parts, presented an opportunity to leverage Google Shopping and a targeted PPC campaign to attract the right customers to the website.

To ensure the campaign’s success, we focused on creating highly effective landing pages for each product and optimizing the ads to utilize ad spend effectively. Our team paid meticulous attention to tailoring the ads to meet the needs and preferences of the target audience, enabling us to drive more qualified leads to the site.

We recognized the importance of creating a streamlined checkout process for the website. Therefore, we focused on optimizing the website’s functionality to ensure that users could quickly navigate and make a purchase with as few clicks as possible. Our team understands that each additional click in the checkout process can cause a significant drop in conversion rates. As a result, we prioritized a simplified and user-friendly checkout process that improves the website’s overall usability and enhances the user experience.

In conclusion, designing and developing an e-commerce website for diesel truck performance parts required a strategic approach that leveraged our extensive industry expertise. Our team was committed to creating a functional and intuitive website that could attract the right customers and deliver an exceptional user experience, leading to increased conversions and a boost in revenue.

FOCUS Website Prototyping Phase


As a team, we recognized the importance of preserving the established brand identity and social media following that 1023 already had. Our primary focus was to enhance their online presence by modernizing their website and improving the user experience, without altering the existing brand aesthetic.

We approached this project with a keen eye for detail, understanding that any modifications to the existing branding could result in a loss of brand equity and impact the social media following. To ensure the project’s success, we worked closely with the client to understand their unique style and brand identity, and made it our priority to stay within those guidelines.

Our team worked diligently to optimize the website’s functionality and ensure a seamless user experience, without detracting from the established brand image. We leveraged modern design principles to update the website’s look and feel, while maintaining the consistency of the brand and its aesthetic.


The website launch was executed with meticulous planning to ensure that it did not interfere with any ongoing shopping activities. The transition was strategically scheduled to take place on a Sunday night, during which time the traffic was at its lowest. The entire process was completed within an hour, ensuring that no revenue was lost during the launch.

Following the website launch, our team engaged in a series of meticulous tests with Google Shopping Ads to collect enough data before fully launching the campaign. The results of the campaign were instantaneous, and the impact was substantial. The rapid growth prompted us to add shipping delay warnings to the site to manage customers’ expectations and ensure a seamless shopping experience. Despite the challenges posed by the surging demand, the project continued to operate without interruption for the entire six-month timeline.

Upon the successful completion of the project, the internal team at 1023 took over the site’s management, and it continues to operate smoothly to this day. Our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensured a successful project outcome that exceeded the client’s expectations.

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