Pier 1 Imports

Spring 2019 Interior Catalog


Our company was contracted to undertake the creation of a spring interior design catalog for Pier 1 Imports. As per the agreement, our team was tasked with creating a high-quality, visually appealing, and on-brand catalog that aligns with the client’s established style and branding identity.

The process began with comprehensive research and analysis, where we explored and evaluated the latest design trends, materials, color palettes, and decor accessories to ensure that the catalog design was current and reflective of the current season’s spirit. We then applied our insights and expertise to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional catalog that showcased Pier 1 Import’s products in an attractive and informative way.

Furthermore, in addition to the print design, our team was also tasked with developing a Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign to drive traffic to a landing page that we designed with the primary objective of converting visitors into buyers. This involved the implementation of a comprehensive and targeted digital marketing strategy that ensured optimal placement of ads, identification of high-performing keywords, and thorough analysis of customer behavior and engagement.

Overall, our team’s commitment to delivering an exceptional product was reflected in the successful creation of a comprehensive catalog and marketing campaign that achieved the client’s objectives of boosting brand awareness, increasing sales, and driving customer engagement.


Launch Date: Jan 14, 2019

Print Distribution – 145,000
PPC Ad Budget – 175,000
ROI on Ad Spend – 980%



980% ROI on PPC Conversions


As part of our catalog creation strategy for Pier 1 Imports, we chose to use simulated room shots from the provided imagery. By taking this approach, we enabled customers to envision how the products would look in a room setting, enhancing their overall experience and making the products more relatable.

Moreover, our team also developed a landing page that was optimized for speed and mobile responsiveness, which was essential given that approximately 88% of Pier 1 Imports’ website traffic was coming from mobile devices. Our team identified this as a critical aspect of the conversion process, as a slow or poorly optimized landing page could result in reduced customer engagement and ultimately impact sales.

The seamless integration of the print catalog with the optimized landing page worked in tandem to create a cohesive and complementary user experience. It provided customers with the best of both worlds, a traditional and trusted print medium combined with a contemporary, web-based approach. This resulted in a powerful and effective marketing tool that not only enhanced the customer experience but also delivered on the client’s objectives of increasing sales and engagement.

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