Largest Mobile Detailer In The World

$1.5 Million in First 60 Days


    • Design and develop a user-friendly website for over 100 locations across the country
    • Optimize the website for local SEO in each city and incorporate a seamless booking platform specific to each location
    • Enable mobile detailers to manage their availability and scheduling, and monitor appointment status through their mobile devices
    • Ensure website design is mobile responsive to accommodate mobile-dependent user group
    • Optimize the primary landing page to handle a high volume of traffic from national TV advertisements
    • Create a streamlined funnel to direct customers to the correct mobile detailer’s booking system with 2 clicks for a quick and easy user experience
    • Meet Google algorithmic requirements and utilize proper coding techniques, image and video formatting, and content delivery network for optimal page load speed
    • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling and visitor-focused content
    • Enhance site architecture and navigation for a seamless browsing experience
    • Create a search-friendly blog to boost brand storytelling, engagement, and SEO
    • Strengthen SEO foundations to drive search engine traffic and future growth
    • Adopt a fully responsive solution powered by WordPress CMS


Launch Date: Dec 10, 2022

Total Cost Website Cost: $12,500
Total Spent on Pay Per Click – $0
Total Spent On Monthly SEO – $8,000

DEC 10- JAN 10

Detailers – 60
Details – 3,171
Daily Avg Per Detailer – 2.2 Details
Total Rvenue: $602,490

JAN 10 – FEB 10

Detailers – 90
Details – 5,616
Daily Avg Per Detailer – 2.6 Details
Total Rvenue: $954,720


Designing the layout for the KLEAR website was a bit of a challenge, but the FOCUS Digital Marketing Team was up to the task. Our goal was to create a seamless user experience for potential customers who may come across a KLEAR commercial on television and want to quickly and easily book a detailing appointment with a detailer in their area. To achieve this, we had to develop a system that would allow users to find the website with ease, navigate to the relevant pages with a minimum number of clicks, and secure their appointment in just two clicks.

At the same time, we were mindful of the need to meet local SEO requirements set by Google. We wanted to ensure that each of our locations had its own dedicated page, providing users with the information they need to choose the right detailer for their needs. Our team put in the time and effort required to strike a balance between the ease of use for customers and the local SEO needs of each of our locations. The result is a website that is not only easy to use but also optimized for search engines, helping to drive traffic and engagement.

FOCUS Website Prototyping Phase


As seasoned creators of mobile detailing brands, we approached the task of developing the identity for KLEAR Mobile Detailing with a wealth of experience and insights. Given the size and scale of KLEAR, which was poised to become the largest mobile detailing company in the world, we knew that the brand’s visual identity would play a critical role in its success.

To ensure that the brand stood out in the crowded market, our team conducted extensive market research and analyzed the competition. We observed that the majority of mobile detailers were using blue and green as their primary colors. As a result, we made a deliberate decision to depart from the norm and choose a unique color that would set KLEAR apart from its competitors.

We selected #fa0066, a bright and bold shade of pink, as the primary color for the KLEAR brand. We believed that this bold choice, combined with eye-catching automotive photography, would create a look that was both luxurious and accessible. By using imagery featuring Mercedes AMG cars, we were able to convey the idea that KLEAR was capable of handling top-of-the-line vehicles while ensuring that the brand wasn’t priced out of reach for everyday car owners.

In the end, my goal was to craft a brand identity that would be memorable and impactful, capturing the attention of customers and driving business success for KLEAR.

KLEAR Website half screen 1
Klear App 1080x1957 1


The launch of KLEAR Mobile Detailing’s new website was a big moment, kicking off at midnight on December 10th. In the lead-up to the launch, excitement was building as the brand was featured in a nationwide prime-time TV ad with a link to a landing page where customers could sign up for notifications about availability. On the launch morning, the SMS and email notification campaign we created was started, and bookings for the next two weeks came flooding in just within the first eight hours of the website going live.

The booking platform had been thoroughly tested ahead of the launch, and it paid off as there were no issues during this massive influx of new customers. It was a fantastic launch, with detailers starting work on December 11th and customers booking without a problem. With over 70 detailing technicians across the globe KLEAR Mobile Detailing became the world’s largest mobile detailing company within just 24 hours. And to this day, the company still runs smoothly with just a small team of three support customer support staff, as customers can easily manage all their booking needs through the customer portal on the website.

KLEAR Website pc and phone