Local Restaurant

Doubles Revenue in First 90 Days


    • Redesign and develop website for local restaurant with fully responsive mobile menu
    • Optimize website for search engine ranking with focus on local restaurants
    • Ensure website design is responsive (92% of restaurant searches are on mobile)
    • Optimize landing page to convert visitors into direction requests or call-ins
    • Meet Google algorithmic requirements and utilize proper coding techniques, image and video formatting, and content delivery network for optimal page load speed
    • Improve brand equity and online presence through storytelling and visitor-focused content
    • Streamline site architecture for a user-friendly browsing experience
    • Develop search-engine optimized blog for brand storytelling, engagement, and SEO
    • Strengthen SEO foundations to drive traffic and support future growth
    • Implement fully responsive solution powered by WordPress CMS


Launch Date: Oct 3, 2022

Total Cost Website Cost: $4,900
Total Spent on Pay Per Click – $0
Total Spent On Monthly SEO – $4,000

30  Days Before the Site Rebuild

Request Directions – 27
Website Ranking – Greater Than 60
Calls From Website – 19

30  Days After the Site Rebuild

Request Directions – 628
Website Ranking – 3rd
Calls From Website – 917


Doubled Revenue In First 90 Days After Launching New Site and Online Menu


With over 20 years of experience in creating websites for restaurants, we approached this project with confidence and a deep understanding of the industry. Our extensive portfolio includes the development of more than 100 restaurant websites, and we have honed our skills to meet the unique needs of this niche market.

While some projects may require us to start from the ground up and reinvent the wheel, this was not the case here. Instead, we leveraged our existing knowledge and expertise to deliver a website that would meet the specific requirements of the client. Our focus was on creating a website that would be fast and easy to use for customers, with a streamlined navigation system and a menu that would be easily accessible on mobile devices.

One of the key aspects of this project was ensuring a top Google ranking for the website. This is crucial for restaurants as it increases their visibility and helps attract new customers. Our team worked diligently to implement best practices and optimization techniques to help the website achieve a high ranking on search engines.

In conclusion, our goal was to provide the client with a website that would be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, delivering an exceptional user experience for their customers. We are happy that we were able to deliver a website that exceeds the client’s expectations and drives success for their business.

FOCUS Website Prototyping Phase


We were happy to work on the new website for Gregorys, a family-owned restaurant that has been a staple in the community for many years.  I knew that this project was special, not just because of the rich history of the establishment, but also because the brand was already well established. This meant that our focus could be solely on creating a design that would complement the existing brand and reflect the spirit of the restaurant.

Working with the team at Gregory’s, we decided to stick to the original colors and fonts that had been used in the past, giving the website a sense of continuity and familiarity. However, we also wanted to infuse the design with a modern aesthetic that would appeal to a new generation of diners. This meant incorporating clean lines, neutral tones, and an intuitive layout that would make it easy for customers to navigate the website and access the menu.

The result was a beautiful website that perfectly captured the essence of Gregory’s. The design was comfortable, inviting, and modern, with a touch of nostalgia that spoke to the restaurant’s history. 

gregorys menu


On October 3rd, 2022, we launched the website for Gregory’s Restaurant with highly successful results. Within the first 48 hours of launch, the website rose to an impressive 7th position in search rankings, and over the next 20 days, it reached the 2nd position. Although reaching the first position was not within our control as another client holds the top spot, we had a productive conversation with Austin, the owner of Gregory’s, and he fully understood that achieving the second position would be the maximum achievable outcome.

The launch of the website proved to be a tremendous success, and its impact was evident in the significant increase in walk-in traffic to the restaurant. In fact, the surge in customers was so substantial that Austin is now planning to expand the restaurant by adding an additional dozen tables to accommodate the growth. Additionally, the restaurant received a nearly 300% increase in call-ins.

It was a true joy working on this project, and I feel proud to have played a role in helping Gregory’s continue to flourish and grow. The successful outcome of this project is a testament to the effectiveness of good design and the importance of preserving the heritage of a family business like Gregory’s.

gregorys wesbite shot