Pitch Deck, Trade Show, Boxing Event


Our team was contracted by AppGuard, a leading cybersecurity company, to deliver a range of materials for their business needs. We began by creating pitch decks for internal training, sales presentations, and trade show exhibitions, all of which were tailored to AppGuard’s specific objectives and target audiences. Additionally, we produced a high-energy introductory video to enhance their video content and engage their audience.

Moreover, we took charge of designing and developing all of the visual elements for their trade show exhibits, including backdrops, vertical banners, and printed promotional materials. Our team ensured that all materials were professionally crafted, aligned with AppGuard’s brand identity, and tailored to their event requirements. Furthermore, we also created striking graphics for their professional boxing event, adding an extra level of excitement and visual appeal to the event.

Overall, our team delivered high-quality, custom-made materials that met AppGuard’s expectations and business needs. Our focus on attention to detail and understanding of their brand’s vision helped us to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

AppGuard Case Study Image



Our collaboration with AppGuard spanned over several years, during which we worked on various projects that spanned a wide range of deliverables. From tradeshow backgrounds to CISO Summit invitations, hackathons, training videos, and sales presentation videos, we were able to create numerous customized pieces that catered to their specific needs. We took great pleasure in watching AppGuard grow from a startup that had just secured its Series A funding to a massively successful multinational company.

Our team’s dedication to delivering high-quality materials that aligned with AppGuard’s business objectives helped us build a strong partnership over the years. Despite our success, we understood that as AppGuard continued to grow and evolve, their needs would change, and they would require a dedicated internal team of developers and designers. We were happy to pass the torch to their new internal team of awesome designers and developers.

Overall, our partnership with AppGuard was fulfilling, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them over the years.